i30 Commercial Ice & Water

The ice and water dispenser boasts a combination nugget-style ice and water feature, activated by a capacitive touch sensor for user convenience. Additionally, it offers an optional base cabinet for added versatility. Maintenance is made simple with high clearance stainless steel legs, a smooth front surface facilitating easy cleaning, and a high capacity drip tray to prevent spills. As for reliability, the unit features a durable 30 lb. capacity stainless steel ice bin. Its ventilation system on top ensures freedom of placement, enhancing its overall dependability.

Innovative Features & Technology

  • Combination nugget-style ice and water dispenser
  • Capacitive touch sensor activation
  • Available with optional base cabinet

Easy Maintenance Design

  • High clearance stainless steel legs
  • Smooth front surface for quick and easy cleaning
  • High capacity drip tray prevents spills

Reliable & Dependable Components

  • 30 lb. capacity stainless steel ice bin
  • Ice production:
    • 380lbs/day @ 70F air + 50F water
    • 289lbs/day @ 90F air + 70F water
  • Ventilation on top of unit allows freedom of placement