Product Detail

  • Dimensions18″H x 12″W x 16″D
  • Weight49 lbs
  • Colors AvailableBlack
  • Cold Water Capacity1 gallon/3.8 liters
  • Hot Water Capacity0.5 gallons/1.3 liters
  • Dispense Height8″
  • Recommended Water Pressure60 – 70 psi
  • Rated Voltage/Frequency110v/60Hz @ 4.9 amps
  • Power Consumption1.05 kWh/24 hours
WS 1000 CT

The compact design of the WS 1000 CT allows it to conveniently on your office breakroom countertop. The WS 1000 CT is designed to fit any of our filter combinations within its shell, giving a clean look. The WS 1000 CT has a self-contained leak detector. The optional BSP Capsule continuous in-tank cleaning properties, even when the cooler is not in use. The WS 1000 CT water cooler provides exceptional quality and a warranty to match.

  • LG parts and components
  • Innovative design & technology
  • Stainless steel reservoirs
  • Enhanced alkalinity*
  • State-of-the-art filtration and sanitization*
  • Nutrient boost from added minerals*
  • Built-in leak detection system
  • Clean, fresh tasting water

*When used with Wellsys proprietary filtration. Click here to learn more.

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Features and Benefits

Industry-leading, five-year warranty

High-quality components, sourced from world-class suppliers like LG

Manufacturing in an ISO-9001-certified facility

Proprietary filtration to deliver the best-tasting water, including enhanced alkalinity and minerals

Taller designs for ergonomic “no-bend” dispensing

Robust industry certifications

Advanced features like leak prevention, tank sanitization, and diagnostics